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Stamping / Sheet Metal Processing

We produce from the  contacts of 2.5 mm length for the electrical industry up to complete housings after your defaults. The necessary punching and bending tools are created in our tooling workshop.

We process all common materials.


Mechanical and hydraulic presses and stamping machines up to 850 tons.

CNC steered bending automats

Welding equipment MIG / MAG

Maximum size: 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm

Lot sizes:

We produce also smaller lot sizes.

Because of the low cost of the tooling is the price of smaller quantities also competitive.

The parts can be further machined, welded, surface-treated, assembled and packed.

Quality control: The required checks and measuring facilities are available. The production runs under the QC - control constantly. All parts are checked after completion to 100%.