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Pressure Casting

Pressure Casting

We produce pressure die casting parts of all kinds after your specification.

We process different materials after DIN ISO and US-standard Aluminum

GD-AlSi9Cu3             (226 D)        3.2163

GD-AlSi12 (Cu)         (231 D)        3.2982

GD-AlSi12                  (230 D)        3.2582

GD-AlSi10Mg             (239 D)        3.2385


GD-ZnAl4             Z400

GD-ZnAl4Cu1     Z410

GD-ZnAl4Cu3     Z430

Other alloys on request.

Weight area: 0.001 – 5.000 kg

Equipment: cold and hot chamber machines up to 1,150 t.

Lot sizes: We produce also smaller lot sizes.

In particular by our low tool prices also smaller quantities count themselves. It will more favorably to change so far by machine complex manufactured parts over to pressure pouring.

It will more favorably to change over so far by machine complex manufactured parts to pressure die casting.

The parts can be mechanically further worked on after arrangement surface treated, installed and packed.

In particular the tool prices differ very strongly.  Our pressure die cast solutions are substantially more inexpensive, than you buy it from your country.

It is worthwhile itself therefore also with very small numbers of items to think about a solution as pressure die casting parts.

Gladly we provide you an offer.